Recaro Sportster GT

Recaro Sportster GT


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Weight: 33 lbs / 15 kg
Max height: 36.2 inches / 918 mm
Max seat cushion depth: 19 inches / 483 mm
Max seat cushion width: 21.3 inches / 539 mm
*Dimensions do not include mounting hardware

Our Sportster GT seat is based on our racing-inspired Sportster CS model, with unique design features and fabrics that will complement the styling of high-end sports cars and sports sedans. It combines the features of a sports seat and the lightweight shell of a racing seat. The innovative, reinforced polymer-based backrest provides good comfort along with optimum body support with its pronounced side bolsters and excellent shoulder support. After a long drive your body feels relaxed and you feel refreshed. You have been riding in seats with comfort and ergonomic qualities that are reminiscent of the world’s top sport-luxury automobiles.

– Exclusive, sporty seat design, feel and performance
– RECARO proprietary ergonomics: S-shaped backrest designed to align the spinal column in its most natural and healthy position.
– RECARO’s proprietary integrated lumbar support technology provides superior comfort and support.
– RECARO’s proprietary pronounced side support at thigh, thorax and shoulder area to fix the driver’s body in a safe position.
– Metal seat base with reinforced polymer backrest
– Shoulder, back and thigh bolsters designed to hold you in a correct seating position for high performance driving
– Backrest easily adjustable with a manual dial for millimeter precision
– Ultra-thin backrest provides superior ergonomics, unique styling, interior space savings, and lighter weight
– Integrated headrest and belt pass-through openings
– Ingenious integrated side-mounts provide easy attachment to other vehicle installation hardware
– Seatback tilt-forward release (providing easy access to the rear seat area) is inconspicuously tucked into the belt pass-through openings.
– Flame-retardant materials
– Seats available with left-side or right-side adjustment controls, for driver or front passenger applications

Additional Information

Color/Material Options:

Black Cloth LH, Black Cloth RH, Vinyl Red Suede LH(+$100), Vinyl Red Suede RH(+$100), Vinyl Blue Suede LH(+$100), Vinyl Blue Suede RH(+$100), Vinyl Gray Suede LH(+$100), Vinyl Gray Suede RH(+$100), Leather/Black/Carbon Back LH($400), Leather/Black/Carbon RH(+$400)


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