Recaro Sportster CS “Nurburgring Limited Edition” Seats


Recaro Sportster CS “Nurburgring Limited Edition” Seats

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The Sportster CS uniquely supports and protects the body by surrounding it like a second skin. Its body-hugging contour has the strength of a metal structure with an ultra-thin, reinforced polymer backrest. Together with the pronounced side bolsters on the backrest and seat, the Sportster CS offers excellent shoulder and torso support and keeps the body stable even with high lateral forces. These characteristics are essential for professional racers like Frank Stippler, winner of the 24-hour races at the Nurburgring and in Spa. “After 26 years of racing and series development, my body appreciates the maximum comfort and support of RECARO seats,” said professional racer, Frank Stippler. “On the uniquely demanding Nordschleife, with its many fast passages, corresponding centrifugal forces and significant uneven stretches of track, a perfectly shaped seat is worth its weight in gold.

The seat displays a high-performance aesthetic through its exterior features and was designed with black and red high-quality leather. It was built with ultra-light composite materials and high-end foams for the shell and upholstery. Red decorative seams and sporty accent stripes on the back shell emphasize its dynamic appearance and is complemented by embroidered logos of RECARO and the Nurburgring on the integrated headrest. A numbered edition badge on the seat confirms that consumers have purchased an exclusive item.  The special edition comes as standard with manual length and backrest adjusters as well as seat heating; a side airbag can also be ordered as an option.


  • Length adjustment
  • Backrest adjustment
  • Options: heated standard, airbag option not available in North America
  • Cover: leather
  • Ornamental seams
  • Nurburgring branding (logo stitched)
  • RECARO branding (logo stitc)
  • Sport Stripes: stripes on the backrest
  • Exclusive edition badge (with individual edition number)
  • RECARO Nadel
  • Includes side air bag

Performance Features:

  • Special lateral support in the backrest area
  • Specially formed and optimized shoulder support
  • Special lateral support in the seat cushion area
  • Dynamic ride performance
  • Firm upholstery

Additional Information

Driver/Passenger side:

Driver Seat(Left), Passenger Seat (Right)


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